Hairless Cat Bathing in Custom Pink Shower Cap Sends Internet Wild: ‘Vogue’

A video of a hairless cat taking a bath in an adorable pink shower cap has sent the internet wild, with the feline posing for an impromptu photoshoot.

Tofu is a black bambino cat, who has become something of an internet sensation after his owner set up TikTok and Instagram accounts, @nked.tofu, dedicated to her pet.

Natasja Smith, who lives in the UK, regularly shared snaps of Tofu in fetching headpieces, but it’s his shimmering shower cap that has resonated with viewers.

A video of Tofu enjoying a relaxing bath has been seen nearly 1.5 million times since being shared earlier this month.

“Time for a bath,” Smith captioned the clip, which has gone down a storm online.

Tofu the cat in the bath. The hairless feline has delighted the internet with their classy bathing outfit.
Natasha Smith

Commenting on the clip, Silvandar wrote: “I was not ready for the cap.”

Samanta Alvarado Rev thought: “Very Italian Vogue.”

Mirellarenda4 raved: “Omg I am obsessed! What a darling!”

Amy said: “This just made my day.”

Kodie Blaha thought: “Oh my goodness I can’t with that cap.”

Natalie reckoned: “The cap reminds me of a mermaid tail and I love it.”

Lilith joked: “It’s called fashion people. Look it up….”

While Crazy Animal Lover added: “This is the most beautiful catfish/catmaid I’ve ever seen!”

Smith told Newsweek: “I bought the cap from Amazon. It was far too big, so when it came I sewed it to make it smaller. He looks bigger in pictures but he’s a small but long cat.

“His face is smaller than my fist but body as long as half my leg. They aren’t supposed to get their ears wet when having a bath. The clear cap slipped off which is why I got the pink one with Velcro at the bottom .

Tofu the cat in the bath.
Tofu the cat in the bath. The one-year-old moggy boasts a full wardrobe of outfits.
Natasha Smith

“He has a love hate relationship with baths. Occasionally he will try to jump out, but as I massage the shampoo on him he usually purrs a lot. Bald cats need regular baths. Between once every 1-2 weeks.

“I bath him every Sunday. Some recommend only bathing them fortnightly but Tofu gets very sweaty so I do it once a week.”

Smith, who has owned Tofu for a year next month, raved about her pet, comparing him to both a parrot and a dog.

She said: “Bald cats are very needy and high maintenance but that’s what I love about them. I always call Tofu half parrot half dog because he sits on my shoulder while I work and constantly wags his tail.

“There was an occasion I took him to the vet for a check up and they said he’s just like a dog. Very confident, curious and LOVES a treat. Never have I known an animal to be as food oriented as Tofu… no one can eat in peace with Tofu around and he wants a bite of anything he can get his little paws on.

“Even as he’s getting older, he loves to play. He does huge backflips in the air when playing with his toys on a string. Because he is an indoor cat, I built him a climbing frame that goes along the walls of my lounge. “

And she acknowledged he has a wardrobe to rival celebrities, adding: “He has more clothes that some humans.”

Smith explained why he’s usually well-dressed, saying: “While Tofu likes being naked, he gets cold and shivers so most enjoys wearing anything furry and soft. His costume outfits tend to be the softest.

“I don’t have him sleep in outfits because of his little legs. When he curls up, his front legs wriggle out unintentionally so I leave them off at night. He sleeps with me every evening and always wants to be under the covers close to my neck where he can snuggle.”

It’s a common assumption that most cats hate water, as Newsweek chatted to experts who laid out six reasons why our felines are averse to getting their fur wet.

They cited cats’ desert ancestry, their warm body temperature of around 102.1 degrees Fahrenheit, water affecting their personal scent, as well as picking up chemicals in the water that are invisible to the human nose as possible explanations.

Tofu the cat in the bath.
Tofu the cat in the bath. A video of the cat in water has amassed more than 1 million views on TikTok.
Natasha Smith

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