Golden retriever puppy caught with fluff after kitchen chaos

A golden retriever puppy was hilariously caught with a mouthful of fluff surrounded by evidence of her destruction.

Caroline Barrett, 34, could not believe her eyes when she returned downstairs after half-an-hour to find seven-month-old Nell proudly among sitting the scattered remains of her mattress.

The photographic evidence was posted on Facebook by solicitor Caroline with the caption “she had no regrets whatsoever….” and has been liked over 400 times by dog ​​lovers who cannot take their eyes off the stuffing.

With the kitchen floor barely visible beneath a sea of ​​stuffing, little Nell was pictured proudly showing off her handy work with a mouthful of mattress.

The hilarious sight that greeted Caroline when she came downstairs after half-an-hour

Caroline, from Cambridgeshire, admitted to the Daily Star that Monday’s incident came as a surprise because it was the first time Nell had turned a piece of furniture inside out.

She said: “I was washing her bedding and the bare mattress was left on the side while the cover was in the wash. She’s never previously ripped her bedding before so I never thought she’d do anything like this!

“I was upstairs for a bit and assumed she was having a nap but when I came downstairs this was the exact scene that greeted me – all the stuffing from her mattress completely obliterated!”

Despite the costly damage caused, Caroline saw little reason to berate Nell especially given how chuffed she looked.

Caroline is hoping Nell will resist destroying her new bedding

Caroline continued: “There was literally no point telling her off as she wouldn’t understand it as the deed was already done. She was soooo pleased with herself and (as you can tell from the photo) she just sat proudly in the fluff wagging her tail at me and looking happy.

“I have to admit it made me laugh a lot more than it made me angry! You can’t get mad with them – they’re just meant to be naughty at this age.”

The dog owner then set off to replace the mattress only to be warned that there was no point because Nell would repeat the same shredding.

“When I told the guy in the pet shop that she was a golden retriever puppy who had destroyed her previous bed he said something like ‘well if you have a golden retriever you’ll be back again tomorrow for another one’.”

Golden retriever fans were left in hysterics at Nell’s proud achievement

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Caroline added: “The new mattress was about £50 and that was the cheapest I could find. The previous bed was a really nice mattress from Joules and was only a month or so old – hopefully she won’t be doing this frequently.”

Comments flooded in on Caroline’s snap of Nell which she shared on the Facebook group Golden Retrievers UK.

Pointing out the stuffing resembled bubbles, one person wrote in response: “I thought the washing machine had leaked for a minute.”

A second said: “Omg I can’t stop looking at all that stuffing. Maybe hold off on the new bed for a little while.”

“Best pic I’ve seen all week,” another fan of the breed laughed.


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