Get The Scoop On PrettyLitter, The Smart Litter That Can Save Your Cat’s Life

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As a cat-mom of three, I often worry people will know I have cats before I tell them. I’m not talking about feline intuition; I’m talking about that distinct, dirty litter box, “cat” smell. Cats might be majorly cute, but they bring some major, lingering odor as well.

Plenty of cat litters claim to hide or eliminate odor. But I’ve cycled through countless brands, and it’s almost always ended in stinky disappointment. Nothing seems to mask that unmistakable ammonia scent, from natural clay to heavily perfumed crystals.

So, when I first heard of PrettyLitter, I was skeptical at best. At first glance, I thought it might be an over-feminized gimmick for cat moms like myself. However, I made a mistake judging this book by its cover.

I’m sharing the scoop with you, so you don’t have to make the same one.

What Is PrettyLitter?


PrettyLitter is a lightweight, super absorbent cat litter at its simplest. Its fine, sand-like texture works in regular and self-cleaning litter boxes. Moreover, cats typically transition to PrettyLitter with little to no problems.

But PrettyLitter’s magic doesn’t stop there. This litter contains a proprietary health indicating formula that detects blood as well as acidity and alkalinity levels. The litter will then change colors depending on what it detects.

Too-high alkalinity turns the litter blue and could indicate UTIs or increased risk of kidney stone formation. If your cat’s urine is too acidic, then they might have metabolic or kidney tubular acidosis. Too-acidic litter will turn orange.

Finally, red litter indicates the presence of blood. This could be a sign of bladder crystals, feline lower urinary tract disorder, or certain types of kidney disease. Cats are notorious for hiding their sicknesses, so this early detection could be the difference between life or death.

Amazingly, though, this health-detecting formula isn’t even the best part.

Why PrettyLitter Beats Your Brand In Odor Protection

Striped cat in litter box

Maybe you have a great on-call vet. Or, perhaps your feline intuition is so keen that you can sense health problems in your cat before anyone else. Either way, there’s more to PrettyLitter than its revolutionary health indicator formula.

In fact, cat owners everywhere will appreciate that the real magic of PrettyLitter is in its silica gel composition. Silica gel comes from naturally occurring minerals, so it’s safe for the entire household. It’s also worlds above the clay litter you’re using right now.

PrettyLitter’s silica gel is long-lasting and non-clumping. This litter doesn’t clump urine into large, smelly boulders that you need to scoop out every other day. Instead, the silica gel absorbs waste and evaporates the water out of it, eliminating urine clumps and completely drying out solid waste.

Because PrettyLitter completely dries out your cat’s waste, there is virtually no odor left behind. And because you’re not scooping out mountains of clumped urine, your trash bags of litter will be up to 80% lighter. So, no more awkward shuffles to the trash can to throw the bag away before it bursts.

For this reason alone, PrettyLitter is worth its weight in gold. But luckily, it beats your current cat litter in price, too.

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Martha Stewart next to cat and bag of PrettyLitter

Surely, a cat litter that sucks up odor, makes urine disappear, and indicates health issues would cost a fortune, right? Wrong.

A monthly subscription of PrettyLitter for one cat is around $22, while the leading competitor weighs in at around $26.28. Paired with the money PrettyLitter saves in potential vet bills, you’re potentially saving thousands in the long run.

Lifestyle expert and fellow cat-mom of three Martha Stewart has been a long-time fan of the brand since its launch in 2015. “My cats are cherished members of the family, and no one understands that better than PrettyLitter,” Stewart told the BusinessWire.

Whether you’re a centimillionaire with Persian cats or the leader of a ragtag trio of street cats, every cat parent wants what’s best for their pet. If we, the cat owners, can also benefit, then that’s just a bonus.

And with PrettyLitter, you know that’s exactly what you’re getting. Your cat will enjoy their new low-dust, non-clumping litter. And you’ll get to enjoy an odor-free home, less time with the litter scoop, and the peace of mind that your cat is happy and healthy.

Spoil yourself and your cats with PrettyLitter; you both deserve it.

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