German Shepherd Dog Walks 2 Km To Deliver Lunch Box To His Father

According to the video, the dog walks 2 km everyday to deliver lunch to his father.

There are days when we just need something to perk us up. Maybe we’ve had a tough day at work, or someone may have said something hurtful, we strive to find a few small moments of joy that would make us smile. That’s when dog videos come in handy. These fluffy bundles of joy can make anyone smile with their twinkling eyes and wagging tails.

One such video doing rounds of the internet is about a German Shepherd dog who sets out on a mission to deliver lunch to his father’s office. Yes, you read that right! We are sure the video will not only bring a smile to your face but also brighten the rest of your day.

The video, shared by a content creator who has over 46,000 followers on Instagram, begins with the dog walking on the side of a road, to his father’s office, with a lunch box dangling from his mouth, which he clutches proudly.

According to a text inserted in the video, the dog’s name is Sheru, and every morning he walks about 2 km to deliver lunch to his father. Adhering to road safety guidelines, whenever he sees a vehicle approaching, he stops on the side of the road and lets it pass.

The caption reads, “Isn’t this super cute?”

Watch the video here:

Since being shared about a week ago, the video has received over 10 million views, according to the caption, and was liked by over a million users. It has received several responses, too, from people who couldn’t stop praising the dog.

One user wrote, “This is so cute and adorable. He knows road safety too. God bless always and there’s so much to learn from them.”

A second user wrote, “I’m going to die one day because these cuties steal my heart every time.”

“I am going to cry now,” commented another user.

One user had a valid question. “What if he comes across other dogs on the street,” asked the user.

A few users even commended the dog’s sense of road safety guidelines.

“Cute and super understandable. He is walking on the side of the road very safely,” wrote a user.

However, one user felt that the dog shouldn’t be let along like this daily. The user wrote, “Am I the only one who does not find this cute? I mean, once in a while it’s cool, but not everyday man, not alone, someone should go along with him.”

To this, the content creator who shared the video, wrote, “In the mountains, dogs are free to go around, they roam the whole day and come back home in the evening. Though in this case, he’s accompanied by a family member.”

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