‘Gentleman’ Dog Insists on Holding Woman’s Hand Every Time She Uses Stairs

A dog’s courteous behavior around his owner’s roommate has been praised after she shared a video showing his habit of escorting her up their stairs.

TikTok user kenzieecrooks shared a clip of the golden retriever taking her sleeve in his mouth to guide her up the steps on multiple occasions.

Captioned: “Such a gentleman,” the video has already racked up over 864,000 views and can be watched here.

Golden retrievers may have a reputation for being a sociable and helpful type of dog, but some scientists believe many of these canine behaviors have less to do with breed than previously thought.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts conducted an analysis of 18,385 dogs, examining physical traits and behavior. Genetic data was also analyzed as part of the study.

What they found was a huge diversity in the behaviors of each different breed.

“Even if the average is different, you’ve still got a really good chance of getting a dog that doesn’t match what people say that breed is supposed to be,” Dr. Elinor Karlsson, co-author on the study, noted .

“For the most part, we didn’t see strong differences in breeds, but there are some [behaviors] that are connected to breed more than others.”

For example, while Labradors had no issue about getting wet—something the breed is known for—scientists could find no definitive proof that they were sociable among humans.

Some behaviors, like how easily a dog is provoked by a frightening trigger, were also found to have no genetic link, suggesting issues over things like aggression may be more to do with nurture than nature.

In the case of the golden retriever featured in the clip, the study would suggest that his behavior may have more to do with the care and attention bestowed upon him by his owner than previously thought.

Whether nature or nurture, viewers were in agreement on social media: this was one very good boy. “He’s making sure you don’t get lost,” vee2raww wrote, with urworstn8mr claiming the canine had “more manners than most men these days.”

The golden retriever was branded “a true gentleman” by _yoquierotacobell, while kaiiittttv said: “You better have left this man an excellent tip.”

Jl3eeeeeeeeee thought the dog was a “better best friend than any human,” with CasperTheCharger writing: “He’s retrieving you.”

Kieran Schmitz, meanwhile, had a theory, claiming that since she “let him do it every time,” he now “definitely thinks” she actually needs help on the stairs.

Whatever the case, breed or otherwise, this is one dog serving of a biscuit.

Newsweek has contacted kenzieecrooks for comment.

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Stock image of a dog being held by the paw – a canine’s gentlemanly conduct around his owner’s roommate has been praised online.

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