Expendables 4 Posters Spotlight 11 Action Stars With Weird Tagline

The first The Expendables 4 posters spotlight the sequel’s 11 action stars, including Sylvester Stallone for the last time, with a weird tagline.

The first posters for The Expendables 4 have arrived, highlighting the sequels’ main stars around Sylvester Stallone, and an unusual tagline. Lionsgate launched the successful action movie franchise in 2010 with Stallone and Jason Statham leading a cast of action stars from the last several decades. After completing the Expendables trilogy in 2014, it was unclear if the franchise would continue. However, Lionsgate finally made progress on The Expendables 4 in recent years and, in late 2021, an announcement was made that the fourth film was happening with many of the original cast members returning.


Stallone returns as Barney Ross one more time in Expandable 4, as it is confirmed that he will exit the franchise in some form during the events of the fourth movie. This will pave the way for Statham’s Lee Christmas to take on the leading role of the series. For Stallone’s final entry in the franchise, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture are the only other franchise veterans confirmed to return. Otherwise, the Expandable 4 cast includes high-profile newcomers like Megan Fox, 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Andy Garcia.

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Now, the first look at Expandable 4 has arrived. The movie industry is currently prepping for the start of CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where Hollywood studios present glimpses of their upcoming slate to theater exhibitors. Screen Rant is present at CinemaCon and was able to see the first look at Expandable 4 in the form of the film’s posters. The six Expandable 4 posters highlight the movie’s 11 action stars and reveal its tagline: “They’ll die when they’re dead.” The film’s official title may also have been revealed through the hashtag at the bottom right of the poster which reads, “#Expend4bles.” See it in full below:

Tea Expandable 4 posters don’t provide clear looks at all of the cast members, but it does offer glimpses at the many new additions to the Exhanging saga. It is still not known if Expandable 4 brings back Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, and other franchise veterans in some capacity. Since the film is expected to release in theaters sometime in 2022, these posters could be a sign that a proper look at the sequel is not too far away. CinemaCon might even give press and exhibitors a chance to see some footage, but it’s unclear if an Expandable 4 trailer will arrive online this week.

As for the Expandable 4 tagline, it is certainly a strange phrase to attach to the film. However, it could be used to tease a high body count in the sequel. There have long been theories that Expandable 4 will kill Stallone’s Barney Ross, since this is the actor’s last outing in the franchise. Although the film’s tagline is a little strange, Lionsgate’s marketing department could be setting this up already. For now, however, Stallone is still at the forefront of The Expendables 4‘s poster.

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