Everything Coming To (And Leaving) HBO And HBO Max In May 2022

The May lineup for HBO and HBO Max proves not every streaming platform is hitting a slump in 2022.

hacks is back for another round of stand-up comedy fun and this time, Jean Smart’s taking her one-woman act on the road. For romance fans, a new adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife is also coming to HBO Max this month, with Theo James and Game Of Thrones star Rose Leslie playing the doomed couple. And over on HBO, Colin Firth and Toni Collette head up a true crime story that will keep you up at night.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) HBO and HBO Max this May.

The Staircase (Max Original Limited Series premieres 5/5)

Colin Firth and Toni Collette star in this limited series based on a true story about a shocking murder that rocked a tight-knit community. Firth plays Michael Peterson, a crime novelist who is suspected of bludgeoning his wife, Kathleen (Collette) to death after she’s found dead at the bottom of a staircase in the family’s sprawling North Carolina home.

hacks: Season 2 (Max Original streaming 5/12)

Jean Smart’s back baby! In Hack’s second season, stand-up legend Deborah Vance is hitting the road with her young mentee writer, Ava (Hannah Einbinder). The pair’s friendship continues to evolve as Deborah works out new material while traveling across the country.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO Original Series premieres 5/15)

Stephen Moffat is adapting this story, based on a best-selling novel, for HBO and bringing stars Theo James and Rose Leslie along for the ride. James plays the time-traveler in the show’s title, a man named Henry who struggles to live a normal life thanks to his “gift.” Leslie plays Clare, his wife, who gets to deal with all of the cons of time traveling without any of the pros.

Here’s everything coming to HBO and HBO Max this month:

Available. 5/1
Yellowface: Asian Whitewashing and Racism in Hollywood2019
47 Ronins2013
killers2020 (HBO)
At Close Range1986 (HBO)
An Autumn Afternoon1962
The Big Sleep1946
Back To School1986
Bottle Rocket1996
Calladita2020 (HBO)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1968 (HBO)
Child 442015 (HBO)
Chungking Express1994
The Color Purple1985
Conan The Barbarian2011 (HBO)
Devil in A Blue Dress1995
Dodes’ Ka-Den1970
Domino2019 (HBO)
Dragnet Girl1933
Early Spring1956
Early Summer1951
The End of Summer1961
Equinox Flower1958
Fallen Angels1995
Floating Weeds1959
The Fugitive1993
Furry Revenge2010 (HBO)
Gang Related1997 (HBO)
good morning1959
Hard Rain1998 (HBO)
Hart’s War2002 (HBO)
High and Low1963
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius2001 (HBO)
Killers2010 (HBO)
Language Lessons2021
Love and Baseball2021
The Machine That Kills Bad Peopleand1952
Masters Of The Universe1987 (HBO)
The Missing2003 (HBO)
The New Guy2002 (HBO)
North Dallas Forty1979 (HBO)
Not Easily Broken2009
The Perks of Being a Wallflower2012
Red Beard1965
Ringo and His Golden Pistol1966
Rugrats Go Wild2003 (HBO)
Rugrats In Paris: The Movie2000 (HBO)
The Rugrats Movie1998 (HBO)
The Sapphires2012 (HBO)
Sense and Sensibility1995
Sliding Doors1998
St. Elmo’s Fire1985
The Stepford Wives2004 (HBO)
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li2009 (Extended Version)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
Tokyo Twilight1957
Top secret!1984 (HBO)
Carry 32008 (HBO)
Underworld: Awakening2012
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans2009
Welcome to the Dollhouse1995
WE2011 (HBO)
What To Expect When You’re Expecting2012 (HBO)
The Wild Thornberrys Movie2002 (HBO)
You, Me and Dupree2006
Young Adulyou2011 (HBO)
Zathura: A Space Adventure2005

Available. 5/5
Las Bravas F.C.Max Original Season 1 Premiere
Queen Stars BrazilMax Original Season 1 Premiere
The StaircaseMax Original Limited Series Premiere

Available. 5/6
Dear Evan Hansen2021 (HBO)
Between Nos: Carmen and Alfred (HBO)
La Afinadora De Arboles2019 (HBO)

Available. 5/7
We Baby BearsSeason 1 Part C

Available. 5/9
Get Hard2015

Available. 5/10
Catwoman: Hunted2022
The Matrix: Resurrections2021 (HBO)
Sesame Street Mecha Builders Season 1 Part A
Robot Chicken Season 11 Part B

Available. 5/12
hacksMax Original Season 2 Premiere
Who’s By Your SideMax Original Season 1 Premiere

Available. 5/13
Hank Zipzer2014
Old2021 (HBO)
SmallsSeason 4

Available 5/15
The Time Traveler’s WifeDrama Series Premiere (HBO)

Available. 5/17
Sesame Street Mecha BuildersSeason 1 Part B
The Mule2018 (HBO)

Available. 5/20
Identity Tomada2020 (HBO)

Available. 5/22
Fast FoodiesSeason 2

Available. 5/23
Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Part B

Available. 5/26
That Damn Michael CheMax Original Season 2 Premiere
Tig n’ SeekMax Original Season 4 Premiere

Available. 5/27
Blippi Special
Blippi Visits
Blippi Wonders
Blippi: Learn With Blippi
GhostSeason 1
GhostSeason 2
Stath Lets Flats

Available. 5/29
The Misery Index Season 3 Part B, 2021

Available. 5/30
Spring Awakening: Those You’ve KnowDocumentary Premiere (HBO)

Available. 5/31
miami vice2006 (Extended Version)

Here’s everything leaving HBO and HBO Max this month:

May 14
cry wolf2005 (Extended Version) (HBO)

May 24
Cinderella Man2005 (Extended Version)
The 40-Year-Old Virgin2005 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)

May 25
Curious George2006 (HBO)
Two For The Money2005 (HBO)

May 27
doom2005 (HBO)
Pride & Prejudice2005 (HBO)

May 31
27 Dresses2008 (HBO)
The Animal2001 (HBO)
A Perfect Murder1998 (HBO)
A Very Brady Sequel1996 (HBO)
Adult Beginners2014 (HBO)
army of darkness1992 (HBO)
Billy Elliot2000
bully2001 (HBO)
Changing Lanes2002 (HBO)
clueless1995 (HBO)
Control Room2004 (HBO)
Cymbeline2014 (HBO)
Dead Heat1988 (HBO)
Dirty Pretty Things2002 (HBO)
Doctor Dolittle1998 (HBO)
Dr. Dolittle 22001 (HBO)
Enough Said2013 (HBO)
Extract2009 (HBO)
Fatal Attraction1987
Frontera2014 (HBO)
Gloria1999 (HBO)
Godsend2004 (HBO)
How To Be Single2016
insomnia2002 (HBO)
Iris2001 (HBO)
It Takes Two1995 (HBO)
Killerman2019 (HBO)
Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man2005 (HBO)
Love And A .451994 (HBO)
mom2013 (HBO)
mindhunters2004 (HBO)
phone booth2002 (HBO)
Princess Kaiulani2009 (HBO)
pulse2001 (HBO)
Rubber2010 (HBO)
super capers2009 (HBO)
The Answer Man2009 (HBO)
The Benchwarmers2006 (HBO)
The Conspirator2010 (HBO)
The Forgotten2004 (HBO)
The Good Doctor2011 (HBO)
The Grifters1990 (HBO)
The Italian Job2003 (HBO)
The Lawn Mower Man1992 (HBO)
The Rules Of Attraction2002 (HBO)
The Witches Of Eastwick1987
The Wolfpack2015 (HBO)
The Wrecking Crew!2008 (HBO)
This Is 402012
Trollhunter2010 (HBO)
Two Lovers2008 (HBO)
The Two Jakes1990
Long live2007 (HBO)
War On Everyone2016 (HBO)
World’s Greatest Dad2009 (HBO)
Wristcutters: A Love Story2006 (HBO)


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