Duck eggs are a tasty, protein-packed option in Milwaukee area

While we may be debating into eternity whether the chicken or the egg came first, one thing is for certain — duck eggs have arrived.

Wisconsin poultry farms are noticing more interest in duck eggs from consumers. In fact, according to Nancy Kellner of Kellner Back Acre Garden in Denmark, Wis., the farm’s birds can’t lay eggs fast enough.

“We have 300 ducks and we can’t keep up with our orders,” Kellner said, attributing the popularity in part to duck eggs being an option for people allergic to chicken eggs.

“We started with the ducks because our daughter was allergic to chicken eggs,” she said. But that’s not the only benefit they’ve found.

“They’re higher in Omega-3s and have more protein than a chicken egg. Whatever a chicken egg has, a duck egg has more,” she said.

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