Dog’s Reaction to Meeting Rescue Cat Has Owner ‘Crying’ at New Friendship

A dog owner said she was reduced to tears after seeing her Corgi strike up an immediate friendship with a rescue cat they had just brought into their home.

The ASPCA estimates that as many as 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters in the US each year. Of that number, around 2.1 million are adopted.

Even then, there’s no guarantee that they will have found their forever home. Some cats simply do not freeze with their new owners and surroundings, while the presence of another pet can occasionally make things difficult for all concerned.

A dog’s first encounter with a rescue cat is proving popular on TikTok. This stock image shows a dog sniffing a cat.

That’s what makes the footage of the first meeting between Duncan the corgi and Figgy the rescue cat so special. Some cats would react angrily to having a canine in their space. Likewise, dogs don’t always fare well around felines.

Yet, as the video shared by their owner posting under the handle duncanwiththegoodtail shows, these two pets are almost immediately comfortable in each other’s space with the caption reading: “crying at this new friendship.”

Maybe that’s why it’s proving so popular on TikTok, with the clip racking up over 3.5 million views in the space of just a few days.

According to the text accompanying the clip, up until then Duncan had effectively ruled the roost and was often known to herd other cats around the house. However, he more than met his match in Figgy, who apparently came from a house where she lived alongside five dogs.

As a result, she was happy to stand her ground when Duncan came calling. What followed was an adorable stand-off with the two pets filmed sniffing each other at close quarters.

While there was still some understandable apprehension on both sides, both cat and dog appeared eager to learn more about their new companion in what made for a super-cute encounter.

The clip reached an adorable climax when Figgy appears to kiss Duncan on the snout. The corgi reacts with surprise at this apparent show of affection, looking off into the distance with seeming disbelief before turning to his owner as if to say: “Did you see that?”

The sweetness of it all was not lost on those watching on social media. Jc_uzumaki99 commented: “It’s so cute he’s like ‘OMG this one wants to be my friend!? Finally!'”

Shamelesslystephanie imagined Duncan telling his owner: “She kissed me, did you see that? She kissed ME!”

Patricia Longan was similarly enthused by the way Duncan looked over at his owner as if to say “is this allowed? is this even legal? is the cat broken?”

Comment sofadofff quipped that the corgi was “looking at the camera like he’s in ‘The Office.'”

Courtney Borg said: “So wholesome! Love his face at the end!,” while shanikah.austin said it looked like Duncan was telling his owner: “ok we can keep this one mum.”

“Please tell me they are staying together forever?” ValleyGirl4 asked. Responding to the comment, Figgy’s owner confirmed that she has been “integrating fairly well with everyone in the house” and is actually one of seven rescue cats they own.

Newsweek has contacted duncanwiththegoodtail for comment.

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