Dog Tucking Litter of Kittens Delights Internet

If you watched Looney Tunes or similar cartoons as a kid you probably grew up believing that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. But what if that wasn’t completely true? A dog has recently gone viral for helping his sister cat feed her kittens, keeping them warm and safe for her.

In a video shared by the pet’s owner, who goes by the username Julietagonzalezla1, on TikTok, the dog can be seen tucking the whole litter of tiny kittens under a blanket as their mom feeds them, lying down on her fluffy pet bed.

The post, which in the last five days has reached over 29,200 likes, 414 comments and about 1405 re-shares, also features a caption that says: “Brothers love” followed by some emoji hearts.

A stock image shows a cat and a dog lying down together. A dog went viral for helping a cat care for her kittens while she was feeding them, leaving the internet in tears.
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Cats and dogs can be real good friends to each other, and it’s science saying so. A survey carried out by a group of Italian veterinarians, found that about only 21.6 percent of dogs participating in the study attacked cats, while 24.1 percent of cats attacked dogs.

Moreover, most cats and dogs actually do get along with each other pretty well. In fact 68.5 percent of owners said their pets slept together at least occasionally and 62.4 percent of respondents said their cat and dog played together.

Most users praised the dog and its loyalty to its cat sister.

One user, JenJones338, said: “What a sweet caring dog. Wish humans were that kind.” Another user, Moglii_Miia_Love, added: “Awwwww.” Aleliendo26 commented: “Oh please how much love.” And Fleckie66 wrote: “Oh my god how cute is that.”

Other users argued that dogs are better being than humans themselves, and that we should take example from them. Silvanaprata1 said: “animals are better than humans.” Noeliasilvaserrano added: “Without a doubt, we have so much to learn from these little angels without wings.”

Glk_zaldivar commented: “How beautiful is nature!!! Beautiful faithful animals…” Cmok_rm

Said: “What a cute puppy.” And Solyluna119 added: “The most beautiful thing I saw today, so much cuteness.”

Another user, Jorgevidal086, said: “Speechless, wonderful, better than human beings, fantastic, they just need to talk.” Sandraek71 added: “He’s going to be an excellent uncle!!” And Chalacamari said: “How beautiful. God’s best creation.”

Ivisita1605 commented: “What a beauty, how he takes care of them!!” Rosannaalacron7 said: “The purest love is that of animals.” And another user, Isabelgonzales453, said: “How beautiful, these moments move me a lot.”

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