Dog Told Off for Bringing Owner Live Baby Goose in Funny Video: ‘Drop It’

A golden retriever named Violet was left feeling a little awkward after her owner didn’t take too kindly to her “gift” of a live baby goose.

Thankfully for her, the internet saw things differently.

Footage of the playful pooch swimming over with the tiny bird carefully clasp between her teeth went viral on TikTok where it has already amassed more than 4.9 million views and a deluge of comments from highly-amused dog fans.

The video can be seen here.

Dogs are naturally outgoing, and while that can result in mishaps like the one chronicled in the post shared to social media by thiccccboysonly, it also comes with some benefits.

Owning a canine, for example, has been shown to encourage you to move more and stay fit. A 2019 UK study found that dog owners are nearly four times more likely than non-dog owners to meet the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

The research estimated that dog owners spent close to 300 minutes a week walking, compared with the average of just 100 minutes among those who do not own a dog.

So perhaps Violet can be forgiven for going on what was an actual goose chase, though her owner sounded none too happy in the video shared online. “Violet, are you for real right now?” she can be heard asking on the clip before demanding she “drop it.”

The golden retriever, in her defense, evidently fails to see what harm she is doing, having apparently brought the little goose over as a gift of sorts. Having sped over, delighted at her catch, Violet’s initial sense of accomplishment appears to give way to feelings of awkwardness as her owner scolds her.

After putting the bird down, she looks from side to side before making a quick exit, though not before appearing to sniff, or maybe even kiss the tiny bird on the head, as if saying “goodbye.”

Pictures of a dog and a baby goose. A golden retriever didn’t know where to look after her owner scolded her for bringing her a baby goose.
Shirlaine Forrest/Glyn Kirk/Getty

Though Violet’s human companion may not have accepted her gift, footage of the incident enjoyed a rapturous reception on social media. TheEverythingBaeGal loved the way Violet appeared to give the little goose “kisses of apology” with user3874038037633 agreeing “she gives the duck a lil kiss at the end” branding her “the sweetest girl ever.”

Others, meanwhile, leaped to her defense. Carrie Johnson Dack noted that she was a “good girl” and “a retriever that retrieves and with a soft mouth” while Gerard Russell claimed: “she was only doing what she was bred to do. She has what’s called a soft mouth. doesn ‘t damage the duck when retrieving.”

A few shared similar experiences, including Jesse Collins5650, who noted: “I had a golden that uses to do the same thing with baby rabbits…..too cute.”

There was also a minority who were critical. One user, LisaStrait2005, said: “Maybe that is why dogs are supposed to be on leashes to not traumatize the wildlife!” Thankfully, the little goose in the clip was unharmed and can be seen standing around taking in the idyllic surroundings in a follow-up video that can be viewed here.

Newsweek has contacted thiccccboysonly for comment.

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