Dog Sneakily Steals Meat With Epic ‘Miss-Steak’ Caught on Camera

One dog’s cunning theft has gone viral online after video evidence was shared by the owner.

Posted on Tuesday on the subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog, the video from user Beef_Candy shows in-home security camera footage of a kitchen. Captioned: “Umm, didn’t we have 3 steaks?,” the video now has over 20,000 upvotes and more than 1,000 comments.

In the video, two dogs, Delta and Turbo, are seen running into the kitchen. There, Delta waits until the humans’ backs are turned to jump up to the counter and gently steal one of the steaks sitting on the board.

But it isn’t until over a minute into the 1:39 video when one of the dogs goes back to try and steal another juicy steak that the humans realized the pooches may be up to something. Upon realizing a steak is missing, the three people look back and forth at the dogs and the steaks are moved to another side.

Redditors were in awe of the video, with one user saying: “How did no one notice the dog going back for more?? The dog is licking the cutting board right up against the man’s leg and the woman’s looking right at them! Steak guarding skills need work.”

Another wrote: “This is a funny ass crime scene. I love the person who looks around for the steak like they must have misplaced it like a set of keys.”

Another Redditor pointed out the cat sitting on the other side of the counter in the video and wrote: “Even the cat was in on it! Jeez!” One user joked: “Never making that ‘miss-steak’ again.”

When it comes to dogs in the kitchen, many owners opt for keeping their pets out of the room while they prepare food. Dog walking website Wag! offers advice on training your dog in the kitchen: “Teaching your dog to stay out of the kitchen will require some repetition and simple rules of boundaries. Setting the boundary outside your kitchen doorway is very similar to setting boundaries you use while you are leash walking or playing.”

They estimate the training takes around 3-6 weeks with most dogs, but reiterate that consistency is key: “Continue to practice the rules with your dog, allowing him to approach the boundary and rewarding him when he does not cross.”

Many users were confused about how the people did not notice the theft, with one user writing: “How did they not notice the first steak theft? Are they that inattentive?” Another commenter said: “I have never seen three more oblivious people in my life.”

In a later comment, one user asked how they divided up the remaining steaks: “So you guys split the two steaks three ways or five to include the pups?!”

Poster Beef_Candy replied and said: “We ended up splitting the two remaining steaks 3.5 ways. .5 because once Delta and my buddy left, Turbo got some steak of his own for being a good boy and staying down!”

Newsweek has reached out to Beef_Candy for comment.

A file photo of dog paws around a cut of meat. A video of a dog stealing a steak from the kitchen has gained viral attention.
Zontica/Getty Images

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