Dog Incriminates Himself with Hilariously Guilty Reaction

A Rottweiler called Rocky has earned the adoration of millions of animal lovers online after laying waste to one of his owner’s cushions.

However, he wasn’t Rocky’s wanton destruction that earned him internet fame but rather his hilariously guilty reaction after being questioned on the damage.

In a 2007 study by the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, 74 percent of dog owners said they believed that their dogs experience guilt.

More interesting still, nearly 60 percent of pet owners said they scolded their dog less as a result of what they perceived to be guilty behavior.

However it is very difficult to prove, definitively, that dogs are capable of experiencing emotions like guilt.

But videos like the one shared to TikTok by always.a.woman suggest our canine companions are either capable of these kinds of feelings or know how to react in this kind of situation.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 11 million times, Rocky’s owner captures the fallout from her canine’s cushion-based antics. It can be viewed here.

A caption on the screen states: “If only people were this easy to read” as she begins to interrogate Rocky and her younger dog, Bodger, who is a shar pei.

“Who did this?” the owner asks. It doesn’t take long for the culprit to reveal himself with the Rottweiler almost immediately creeping off around the corner and wedging himself in a gap next to the couch, where he then proceeds to stare at the wall.

While Rocky couldn’t look much more guilty if he tried, Bodger has no bones about laying the blame at the paws of his doggy brother.

As soon as his owner starts asking questions about the mess, Bodger’s eyes are firmly fixed on Rocky, with the young dog doing his level best to subtly incriminate his canine pal.

A huge hit with dog lovers on social media, the antics of Rocky and Bodger delighted many on TikTok.

Deadpool_01fan marveled at how Rocky “folded like a wet napkin” while Bodger “drove that bus right over him.” As Robert Gumbrell put it, “they always give themselves away,” with lucid_trees adding: “They always feel so bad, but they always do it.”

Mochapom loved the way Rocky “put himself in the naughty corner” with fayefaye2022xx noting that “Bodger grassed rocky up straight away looking at him.”

Speakingmymind1985 concurred that Bodger was “non verbally snitching on him” by giving those looks with Saleonard83 agreeing that the younger dog was “not taking any of the blame.”

But even if Rocky was the culprit, he would appear his guilty response may have got him off the hook, with his owner confessing in one comment she “couldn’t even tell him off” because she was “laughing” so much.

“He’s so good even when he’s bad,” she added in another remark.

Newsweek has contacted Rocky’s owner for comment.

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Stock image of a guilty looking dog – a dog has gone viral after reacting in hilarious fashion after his owner found a cushion in his front room had been destroyed.

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