Dog Breaks Out From Crate While Boarding SIA Plane, Owner Appeals To Public For Help

Singapore Special Escapes From Side Of Crate During Onboarding

For a pet owner, their greatest nightmare would be if their pet goes missing.

The horror would be multiplied if that pet happened to be in a crate on a plane when this happened.

A woman is now living that horror, as her dog broke out of her crate while boarding a Singapore Airlines (SIA) plane.


She’s appealed to the public for help to find the missing pooch.

Vanished 4-5 hours into onboarding process

In a Facebook post shared in across many animal-loving groups, including Lost and Found Ppets in Singapore, Ms Peixuan Sng said her dog, Oreo, was missing.


Oreo was being onboarded to an SIA plane at Changi Airport when this happened about 4 to 5 hours into the process.

Ground staff from Changi Airport, as well as SATS, were searching for her.

Oreo was wearing an AirTag collar, and they tried to find her location with her iPad, but it didn’t work.

There’s been no news of the dog so far.

Dog broke hole in side of crate

A netizen asked Ms Sng how Oreo managed to escape, considering the crate should’ve been sealed up.

Apparently, the dog managed to break out through a hole in the side of the crate, she replied.


It’s unclear whether the dog clawed or chewed her way through.

Oreo has a sister

According to Exclusively Mongrels Limited, Oreo has a light-coloured sister named Toffee.


Both Singapore Specials, Toffee was adopted by Ms Sng and her partner about a month after Oreo, to keep her company.

Apparently, the 2 dogs get along well, and play with each other day and night. They even have a joint Instagram account, @oreoandtoffee.


Owner needs help from public

Obviously, Ms Sng is must be desperate to find Oreo.

She appealed to the public for help, asking those living around the airport area to keep a lookout.

The pooch loves people, but hides in corners or shelters when she’s afraid, she added.


Those who’ve info on Oreo’s whereabouts may contact Ms Sng at 9643 5944, or send a message to Oreo and Toffee’s Instagram profile.

Not the first time

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that a dog had escaped from a plane in Changi Airport.

In Jan, a woman posted in the Dogs Singapore Facebook group that her dog, Lola, managed to escape her crate while in the process of boarding a plane to New Zealand.


Thankfully, Lola was found after 15 hours of roaming around the airport.


Another dog owner alleged that her pet’s documentation was missing when they arrived in Singapore from Australia.


She claimed that the airline had left one original document in a photocopy machine at Sydney Airport.

This resulted in her dog being held at the then Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for one day.

Hopefully dog ​​is found soon

Being confined to a crate in a strange place like a plane’s cargo hold must be a traumatic experience for any animal.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t typically fly in the cabin with their owners.

So it’s likely that Oreo broke out because she was scared – but it’s unclear whether this incident could’ve somehow been prevented, especially since it has happened before.

Hopefully, the beloved dog is found soon and reunited with her owner and sister.

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Featured images adapted from Peixuan Sng on Facebook.

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