Dining with dad on Father’s Day? Restaurants in Naples, Marco Island

Of many things I am grateful to my father for, high on the list is his appreciation of good restaurants. Since my late mother, who worked part-time, had only five recipes in her repertoire, most requiring Lipton Onion Soup Mix or chicken a la Shake ‘N Bake, we ate out many nights.

While I was always allowed to invite friends to join us, no one ever wanted to eat at Casa Biederman, yet everyone wanted to go out with our family.

My workaholic daddy made me a foodie. From Rustler Steakhouse, a cafeteria-style chain near my ballet class in Hillsdale, New Jersey, to the Russian Tea Room in Midtown Manhattan, there was always something delicious — as long as we went out.

Nowadays, I can’t always remember what I’m looking for in the kitchen, but if “Jeopardy!” ever creates a category on 1970s restaurants in northeastern New Jersey, I’d bet it all during the Daily Double. Sunday brunch buffets at Forum Diner in Paramus or Pearl River’s then-new Marriott. Saturday nights depended on the movie theater: Hackensack’s Ichiban for sushi and sashimi. Westwood meant the Iron Horse, where I ordered shrimp scampi every visit.

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