Dartmouth, SouthCoast ready-to-drink canned Grow Cocktails expands

DARTMOUTH — During the pandemic, some people took advantage of the quarantine to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit and start small businesses.

For Sy and Martha Yules, they launched a bartender quality craft cocktail “ready to drink” (RTDs) line, that is now sold at 28 locations throughout the SouthCoast.

“We are a vodka-based with real organic ingredient cocktails,” said Martha Yules, owner of Grow Cocktails.

“When you look at some of these other drinks that are out there that everyone thinks are true RTDs, they’re just all fake flavors and cheap vodka or malt beverages.”

The inspiration for their four canned cocktails comes straight from their home garden.

“We grow a lot of things that inspire what we end up using,” said Sy Yules, the chemist and creative mind behind the South Dartmouth cocktail brand.

The four main canned drinks are Red Wanderer; a blend of hibiscus and vanilla bean vodka, lime juice; Hot Shot, jalapeno and habanero vodka with ruby ​​red grapefruit juice; Hoppy Place, cascade hops and roasted cardamom vodka and lemon juice; and French Twist, a blend of lavender and vanilla vodka.

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All the concoctions also have blue agave as the sweetener, sparkling water and vodka from Dirty Water Distillery in Plymouth.

Each 12-ounce can contains 8% alcohol.

“It lends itself to capturing that special moment with a really good friend where you just really want to have a good conversation,” said Martha Yules, adding that each can is equivalent to two drinks.

Where to get a Grow Cocktail

Grow Cocktails came to market in July 2021.

The canned cocktail is available in stores such as Lee’s Wines and Spirits in Westport, Friend’s Marketplace in Rochester, Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River and Freitas Package Store in New Bedford.

Some of the Grow Cocktails flavors available in canned form.

“They come very highly recommended,” said Jason Diaz, an employee at Acme Liquors in South Dartmouth.

“When people come in and buy it, they first think it’s overpriced ($19.99 per four pack), but it’s really not. People are really happy with the quality, and they get good reviews.”

Diaz doesn’t think there are many locally made canned cocktails in the store.

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