Chewy Customers Pile On With Extraordinary Service Stories

Chewy customers are for life (and beyond), according to the many, many testimonies from incredibly grateful pet owners. And yup, there’s a reason to notice what’s happening with Chewy because nearly everyone loves dogs. That includes perpetual movie villain Danny Trejo (who doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t love dogs), and Better Call Saul knows how to give good dog-fan service, but boy, Chewy goes 100 extra miles to honor humanity’s best friend, who does everything from provide owners endless love and devotion to save Ukrainian lives while sniffing out explosive devices.

I’m not sure what we did to deserve dogs, but I’m awfully glad that we have them. And Chewy feels the same, as a new viral tweet (from Anna Brose out of Alaska) indicated. Brose wrote about how she contacted the pet supply company to return dog food after her beloved pooch passed away, and she was asked to donate the food to a shelter. She also received a refund, flowers, and a personally signed note from the Chewy rep.

As Brose soon learned, Chewy does a lot of good for their customers. Many customers tweeted about similar happenings when their pets passed away, or simply for no reason at all. Flowers, notes, refunds on unused equipment and suggestions to donate. It’s all in there, and it’s in plentiful supply. Chewy loves pets and their owners, and their customers love them for it. A shelter employee even stepped up to attest how the Chewy-directed donations are a real thing, and this helps cats and dogs so very much while they wait for their forever home.

In addition, Chewy apparently even keeps an eye on quietly removed pet profiles and reads between the lines before sending out handwritten notes of condolences after pets pass away.

Oh, and then there’s the individualized portraits that come from Chewy’s art department.

Simply stunning. They’re creating brand loyalty in such an organic way and it’s coming from a place of sheer joy and love. Are you getting a little misty-eyed after seeing these portraits? Same.


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