Cat’s Reaction After Realizing He’s at the Groomers Delights Internet

A cat’s “distraught” reaction to being taken to a pet grooming salon has delighted the internet after its owner, who goes by the username Lucafromkuwait, shared the footage on TikTok.

The video, which has so far reached over 257,100 likes, 1,600 comments and about 8,600 reshares, features footage of the cat looking “super sad” and “scared”, as it’s about to be washed by one of the employees, and a caption that says: “My cats reaction when he found out he’s at the groomers.”

Most users felt empathy for the cat and his big round crying eyes. But the owner reassured readers, saying “We usually don’t wash him. We let him groom himself. But because he’s getting warmer now he’s shedding a lot and combing isn’t enough.”

According to the Central California SPCA (CCSPCA) Fresno Humane Society, as a rule of thumb there’s generally no need to wash your cat, as they are expert self groomers, but there are exceptions to this rule.

The website states that there are situation where your cat may need a shower, and those include: If the cat gets into something and smells, for example it gets sprayed by a skunk; if the cat becomes uncomfortably dirty or sticky, due to getting into the trash, mud, oil, or toxic elements; if the cat picks up bugs in its fur.

The other main reason for bathing a cat is their breed, as some breeds have more trouble keeping themselves clean. Cats with particularly long hair, like Persian, may find it hard to groom and need a bath once in a while. The same goes for Sphynx cats which need periodic baths to remove body oils.

One user, Joe Bloggs, commented: “[It] looks distraught.” And another user, Laura, said: “He looks super scared, it’s breaking my heart.” Charlotte_leather added: “he needs hugs.”

Some users told off the cat owner for washing his cat. Blackpearl87 said: “People stop washing cats! They do not need to be washed! Nature has given the best self cleaning coat for [these] tiny animals!” And Sams Page added: “That’s factually false. Cats do need periodic baths since their tongues don’t fully clean their fur. So yes they do need them but not like dogs..”

Gabe then added: “Lots of cats need regular grooming like long haired breeds, hairless breeds and some regular cats just suck at grooming and can get gross and matted. It can also help with shedding and allergies as most people are allergic to cat dander ( dead skin) and cats aren’t good at cleaning that off.”

Holly Ashcroft commented: “omg his little face.” And Nickthickjackson wrote: “Father, you have betrayed me.” Marte-Kragseth said: “Do it with the *elgato* sound.”

Another user, Kmendoza216, joked: “He’s like this ain’t Starbucks” And Godschosen said: “When he saw the glove… punisher voice: NO NO NO NO WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT.”

Some users shared similar experiences with their own cats. Yamin87nilufar said: “That’s the same expression my cat had when I took him to the vet to get fixed. Poor thing knew.” And Kim Na Ri wrote: “He looks worried and betrayed.”

One user, Zoe Whitt, got mad at the sight of the sad cat: “IF YOU DONT GIVE HIM TREATS I STG.” And Kazuki YYC said: “Haha that’s just the cats breed he’s just foreversad.” Brittyjane joked: “hello darkness my old friend.”

“I want to know what’s happening in his mind,” wondered Empire_vlad. And Peter Grenfell joked: “What’s with the rubber glove they told me I was going to see Santa [you’re] not Santa.

Newsweek has asked Lucafromkuwait for comment.

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A stock image shows a cat taking a bath. A cat’s reaction after discovering he was about to get bathed delighted the internet.
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