Cats, rats contribute to inspection failure for Sam’s Southern Eatery; other GC health inspection reports

Grayson County Health Department inspections of local eateries often list concerns dealing with moldy surfaces, slimy equipment, dirty floors or refrigerators.

But, pets don’t often show up in the reports. However, that is not the case for Sam’s Southern Eatery located at 931 S. Austin Ave. in Denison.

A report from its inspection on April 18 included cats and rats and plenty of other offences.

“A complaint was received that this establishment had a cat in the kitchen to help control the rodent pest issues,” the inspector wrote in the report also noting that the person who turned in the complaint had sent photographic evidence of the cat.

When the inspector arrived at the establishment, she found that the complaint was founded.

“Upon inspection, a cat was observed in the back storage room with cat food, cat liter box, and bed inside the kitchen. A heavy accumulation of rodent droppings were observed throughout kitchen/storage areas,” the report said.

Animals aside, the establishment had other issues

The report said they didn’t have a food manager on duty when the inspection occurred. The establishment was shut down because it didn’t have hot running water, and the inspection revealed that foods were being held at unsafe temperatures and were stored in an unsafe manner in the refrigerators.

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