Cat’s Bid to ‘Protect’ Owner From Open Window Delights the Internet

A hilarious video of a well-meaning kitty attempting to save its owner from an open window has delighted the internet.

Shared on Wednesday on Reddit by user jageenidee, the post now has over 28,000 upvotes. The delightful video is accompanied by a caption reading: “Whenever I open the window on the first floor and try to put my hand outside, my cat tries to protect me from falling and pushes me back.”

In the video, the user repeatedly puts their hand toward the open window before the cat grabs it with its paws and bares her teeth – concerned for its owner’s safety.

Redditors were delighted with the cute video. One user wrote: “This is the cutest thing ever,” while another said: “Your cat is worried about future meals/treats.”

Another user said: “The cat loves the heck out of you,” before a reply added: “And thinks you are very stupid.”

While we often associate dogs with feeling more loyalty than cats, research conducted in 2019 by Oregon State University found that felines do form bonds with humans and feel secure in their presence in the same way dogs and children do, so it’s no surprise this kitty is concerned for his owner.

Other users were shocked that the cat herself hadn’t jumped from the window. One user said: “My cat would yeet himself out that window,” while another said: “Brought my cat out to the balcony on a harness and was watching her closely. We did this many times before. She literally launched herself off for no reason whatever.”

Another user suggested that there might be another reason for the cat’s behavior and said: “Maybe she thinks you’re going to close the window and doesn’t want that?”

Feline Training and Behavior Consultant LeeAnna Buis told Newsweek: “Cats have an amazing ability to be both complicated and simple at the same time. This is a great example. It’s possible the cat is reacting in a protective way.

“It could also be that this kitty is either feeling a bit overstimulated by the sights, sounds and smells she is getting through the open window or doesn’t want that hand to close the window or move her away from it.”

One commenter said: “Your guardian angel,” while another wrote: “She protect!”

“I do think cats can worry about their owners,” said Buis: “But a cat’s form of worrying may not be the same as a human’s. When we worry about someone, it often involves analyzing possible future scenarios.

“Cats, on the other hand, live in the moment. They are impacted by our emotions. They can be protective. These could be seen as forms of worrying about their humans. It’s just the cat version and may not be as comprehensive as our human definition of worrying.”

Another cat’s hilarious reaction to learning her “trial run” at her new home was being gone viral this week.

Newsweek has reached out to jageenidee for comment.

File photo of ginger cat looking out of a window. A cat’s hilarious reaction to its owner being near an open window has left the internet in stitches.
Vera Aksionava/Getty Images

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