Cat Person Treats Review

Choosing products for your cat can be a particularly tricky endeavor. Sure, you can make educated guesses on what they may like, but for the most part, what your cat likes and dislikes are based on their own persnickety tastes and their desire to mildly infuriate you throughout the day. Ever since my roommate brought her cat Viva into our home, it has been a very long game of bringing in new treats or toys in hopes that she will find them up to her incredibly high standards—and get her to like me, of course. Fortunately, Cat Person took the guesswork out of all of it.

Cat Person offers a variety of different products with a major focus on wet food and dry food and upscale cat accessories. However, there are several other options offered by the company that have proven to just be as loved by cats around the world—just check out all of the glowing reviews. Viva, who simply cannot get enough of Cat Person’s Digestive Support Goodness Blends, is no exception.

Her favorite Cat Person find? The Goodness Blends. While considered to be a treat, the Goodness Blends are a puree-broth instead of a traditional chewable treat. These treats can be eaten on their own or poured over your cat’s favorite dry food to add extra flavor.

Cat Person Digestive Support Goodness Blends

Viva usually grazes on her food throughout the day, oftentimes leaving large portions uneaten which have to be thrown away. With the Cat Person Goodness Blend, she ate up her entire portion within minutes. On top of clearly enticing her taste buds, the Digestive Support Goodness Blend has several healthy ingredients in it. The treats come with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, prebiotics, Beet Pulp and Cellulose to support healthy digestion. These ingredients also improve gut health and help soften stool to help your cat strain less while pooping. In addition to Digestive Support, Cat Person also sells its Goodness Blends in Skin & Coat and Immune Support varieties as well.

In addition to the Goodness Blend treats, Cat Person sells a bowl set built just for your cat. The Cat Person Mesa Bowl has an elevated, ergonomic design to keep your cat from bending over and lowering its neck too far when eating. For Viva, the elevated bowl brought it right up to below her chin which helped her eat faster and with more focus. The bowls also come with a tray underneath to keep any spilled food off the floor. The Bowl and tray come in multiple color profiles such as Savanna, Jungle, Tundra and the unique all-black Nocturnal.

Trying to pick out the right treats and products for your cat is a near-impossible task. Viva has shunned more treats than I can count if they don’t fit the perfect flavor profile. Cat Person is filled with products tested and curated specifically for cats like Viva, and the results speak for themself.

You can buy the Goodness Blend treats and the Mesa Bowl on the Cat Person website for $16 and $40, respectively.

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