Cat Hiding Among Chainsaws Takes the Internet by Storm: ‘World Domination’

A photo of a hard-working cat perfectly hidden among the chainsaws has taken the internet by storm, with numerous people cracking jokes about the feline’s apparent job.

Owners of the East Bay True Value store, in Charleston, South Carolina, have two permanent employees, their cats, Emma and Max.

Merissa Ellis, whose mom owns the store, regularly finds the cats tucked away in corners of the shop and shares photos to their Twitter page, @eastbayhardware.

But one snap caused quite a stir after it was posted to account @thereisnocat_, with numerous people scouring the shop floor for the hidden cat.

Photo of hardware store hiding a cat. People are poring over this image, trying to find the hidden cat.

Posted in April, the photo racked up more than 65,000 likes, as people made numerous jokes about Emma being handy with the tools, as the photo was taken in the Stihl department of the store, which is a popular hardware brand.

Commenting on the snap, Finding The Cat wrote: “I bet there [they’re] a hard worker.”

UniqBlue asked: “Is this a Joke? Or is there literally a Cat that happens to be printed on one of those boxes?”

Nightmarelaval1987 reckoned: “He plans on world domination.”

Natasha-Gh thought: “I wear this is turning into an IQ test.”

HONK HONK joked: “Cats with chainsaws, that’s all we need.”

Emma the cat.
Emma the cat, who lives in a hardware store with her brother, Max.

Dads Up reckoned: “That cat feels like a ninja right now.”

Jade commented: “He’s the chainsaw expert!”

Helen quipped: “Too easy but Stihl nice.”

Chaeyoung’s juul said: “Don’t know what a cat is doing in a hardware store, but as long as it wears a helmet.”

Ludovica Vain quipped: “Cat is so Stihl!”

While Dumptrucktimemachine added: “I’ll take the cat and the ms 391 please.”

Ellis told Newsweek: “The cat in the picture is Emma and I knew she was around but not exactly where.

“She lives in the hardware store with her brother Max (they are from the same litter). We’ve had them about two years now.

“They were adopted by us when a customer passed away. Emma is very shy, it took her a while to even make it to the front of the store.

“Max isn’t in many hidden pictures because he is very social.”

Emma the cat.
Emma the cat. The black-and-white moggy regularly hides around the hardware store, in South Carolina.

Commenting on people’s thoughts on Emma’s location, Ellis added: “My favorite responses were people joking a ‘Stihl’ life picture of Emma and a cat loose among the chainsaws, and this one ‘Be Stihl’ the cat said. ‘Be Stihl, and no one will notice us.'”

If you’re still having trouble spotting Emma, ​​we’ve circled her in yellow below.

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While this cat looked like something out of a magazine, as they bathed in a custom pink shower cap.

And this cat was so chilled while getting groomed, people joked the “reset switch” had been pressed.

Photo of hardware store hiding a cat.
Photo of hardware store hiding a cat. No fear if you didn’t find Emma, ​​as we pointed her out in this image.

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