Cat Branded ‘Sneak 100’ for Cunning Hiding Spot in Bookcase: ‘Creepy Image’

A cat hiding in a bookcase has been branded “sneak 100” by the internet, who pored over the image searching for the cleverly camouflaged feline.

Thousands of people liked a tweet from the popular @Thereisnocat_ account, filled with seemingly ordinary snaps masking a feline somewhere in the shot.

This post, from last month, racked up nearly 9,000 likes, as people shared their guesses on where the cat was located around the furniture.

Photo of Louison’s bookcase. their pet cat is hiding somewhere in the frame.

After finding the pet, people were suitably impressed with her cloaking ability, as Nicholas Potthoff raved: “Okay this one is fantastic.”

CallMeMoxi thought: “Makes for a creepy image once you see it lol.”

“Sneak 100,” @CyberNuggets_ commented.

Kitherit raved: “Exactly where I thought it would be!”

Elise Hannah said: “I see you Sneaky-sneak!!”

Pixie gushed: “Found it. So very sleepy.”

SableCrow thought: “Found the cat but also in love with whomever stored this bookcase.”

ScholarOfFortune advised: “This is one where ‘think like a cat’ really helps.”

MeusliCat admitted: “Way more fun than wordle.”

Photo of Louison's cat, Mejai.
Photo of Louison’s cat, Mejai. The 6-year-old cat lives with her brother in France.

The tabby was identified as none other than French feline Mejai, who is 6 years old and lives with owner, Louison, in the European country.

Louison told Newsweek: “It’s taken in my living room, and yes I knew she was here, she loves to sleep there. I knew about the Twitter account and wanted to take my own ‘there’s no cat’ pic.”

They raved about their pet, saying: “She’s very cuddly and jealous, if my boyfriend tries to cuddle me she will rush to get the cuddle herself.

“She has a little brother now that I have adopted a month ago, and they start to get along well.”

And commenting on people’s thoughts as to where she was hiding, Louison added: “People actually guessed easily where she was hiding, it wasn’t that hard, but she was really great in the dark.”

Cats are known for their love of enclosed spaces, particularly cardboard boxes, as pet food website Purina explained this is due to feeling secure.

The website said: “Cats get comfort and security from enclosed spaces, which is why they love spending time in cardboard boxes.

“Cats use boxes as hiding places where predators can’t sneak up on them from the side or behind.”

If you’re still struggling to spot Mejai, we circled her in yellow below. But if you wanted to test yourself further, this cat’s hiding spot was so crafty it was dubbed “better than wordle.”

And this cat nestled among chainsaws was cause for concern over the species’ plans for “world domination,” and this cat would give Mejai a run for her money with her “top tier” hiding place.

Photo of Louison's bookcase.
Photo of Louison’s bookcase. People claimed Mejai was a “sneaky sneak” for her expert hiding skills.

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