Cat and Dog Wrap Each Other In Hug In ‘Wholesome’ Video: ‘You’re Mine Meow’

A sweet viral video has resurfaced on the popular Reddit forum “Aww,” where it amassed more than 15,000 votes since it was posted on Thursday.

“A Golden retriever and cat hugging to hopefully make your day,” read the title of the post, which was re-shared by u/Swerwin.

According to Nylabone, a company that specializes in creating chew toys and dental solutions for dogs, it is possible for cats and dogs to form a strong bond.

A sweet video showing a cat and a dog hugging one another resurfaced and went viral on Reddit. Above, a stock image of a cat and dog showing affection to each other.

However, that relationship is dependent on having an appropriate introduction between the two.

“When you first introduce a cat and dog, make sure the cat is at the dog’s eye level,” the company recommended. “You should also keep a firm grip on both animals, which will provide them with a sense of security.”

If one of the pets becomes scared or frightened, the company suggests separating the two and trying the introduction again at a later time.

Taking some time every day to give the two a moment together would allow them to become more comfortable.

In the adorable video, the golden retriever walks over and lays down in front of the cat, placing both paws on either side of the feline.

The cat immediately wrapped its arms around the dog and began licking its face.

Their embrace lasted for a few moments before the cat lay down and cuddled up next to the dog.

Viewers did not hesitate to share their love for the short clip, while some joked about the cute hug between the two animals.

Cat’s whispering threats into the dog’s [ear]: Lie still, and smile [for] the camera, or else.

Reddit how

“Cat’s whispering threats into the dog’s [ear]: Lie still, and smile [for] the camera, or else,” a viewer wrote.

“After a long day at work, I feel blessed to see this,” another commented. “[Heartwarming] indeed. Now I’m relieved.”

Write one viewer, “You’re mine meow.”

“This really did just make my day,” a viewer shared. “I was smiling like an idiot. I love pets.”

The internet has no shortage of cute videos featuring pets.

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