Camouflage Cat’s Hiding Place Hailed as ‘Top Tier’ by Baffled Internet

A cat perfectly camouflaged in an immaculate living room has been hailed as a “top tier” hiding place by baffled internet users.

In what’s become a popular online test, numerous feline fans regularly pore over images on Twitter account @Thereisnocat_, showcasing cleverly disguised pets.

One tricky image, posted earlier this month, showed a light-filled lounge with a cat supposedly hiding somewhere in the pristine interior.

Photo of living room with hidden cat. The snap went viral after being shared to Twitter in May 2022.
Annabelle Wenas

The photo amassed more than 78,000 likes, as people fielded numerous answers to the location of the moggy.

TheMoreYouStoop said: “This is my favorite Where’s Waldo?”

Alex Espinosa raved: “This one is top tier.”

Mrs moreno asked: “Where is the actual cat.”

Sakavi commented: “First I have to say: nice room!”

Just_Doug this mind intentionally left blank thought: “That is excellent.”

Conner Grant admitted: “That took me far, far too long.”

“Haha.. I had to zoom in to find this one,” @pilarvmartinez replied.

DJ Joycon raved: “Thanks for making my sick day a bit better. Love finding these little goofballs in these pictures. You’re doing work and making people smile.”

While Louise Holland added: “Absolutely brilliant.”

It emerged the star of the snap is Mochi, a 2-year-old male who lives next door to Annabelle Wenas, in Indonesia, who snapped the photo.

Wenas, who has two cats of her own, a 2-year-old Calico named Ucil and a 3-year-old tabby named Bengal, told Newsweek: “I love it that some people guessed the hidden cats are the ones on the picture instead of the ACTUAL cat on the window!”

Photo of Annabelle Wenas' cats.
Photo of Annabelle Wenas’ cats. The pet owner shared a snap of Ucil and Bengal.
Annabelle Wenas

As she revealed, if you’ve not already spotted Mochi he’s peering in through the window. And she confirmed the portrait people were getting confused with is of her own two pets.

Wenas explained: “I did spot the cat! I took it to show it to my husband that neighbor’s cat peeks into our home.”

She claimed the cats love to “sneak” in and out, adding: “Mochi & Belang are quite sociable.

“They are nice boys and like to play together every morning! Ucil is a shy girl but really adorable. She likes to sit on my lap when I watch TV.”

Wenas also snapped a photo a second after the now-viral one, capturing Mochi’s face as he ventured further into the living room.

Photo of living room with a cat.
Photo of living room with a cat. Wenas took a second photo capturing Mochi as he ventured inside.
Annabelle Wenas

Cats are the most popular pet in Indonesia, according to a Rakuten Insight survey published by Statista.

Some 37 per cent of respondents owned a feline in 2018, with the next most popular pet a bird, which 19.3 per cent of people shared their home with.

In third place are goldfish, with 15.6 per cent of owners having one, and in contrast to the US, where canines are the most popular pet, dogs made up only 15.5 per cent of pet ownership.

If you want to test yourself further, this photo of a cat hiding among chainsaws took the internet by storm.

People reckoned this feline hiding in a bedroom was a headscratcher akin to Wordle, while this snap was branded the “hardest one yet” by online fans.

  Photo of living room with hidden cat.
Photo of living room with hidden cat. If you had trouble spotting Mochi, we circled him in yellow.
Annabelle Wenas

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