Bruce Willis Once Defended His Most Infamous Box Office Flop

If asked to name their favorite Bruce Willis movies, fans would probably have a variety of different answers. Sure, some common responses would likely include diehard, Armageddonand The Sixth Sense. But for all the widely beloved movies Willis has starred in, the actor has endured his fair share of box office flops. However, he once spoke up and defended perhaps the most egregious addition to his impressive filmography.

David Caruso holds a gun to Bruce Willis as James Coburn watches in ‘Hudson Hawk’ | TriStar

Bruce Willis became a movie star in the late 1980s

As much success as Willis has had in movies, he started his career as the charismatic lead of TV’s Moonlighting. It wasn’t until 1988’s diehard that he crossed over into A-list movie stardom. And within just over a decade, Willis had landed a wild assortment of projects that included everything from comedies to horror films, action to drama.

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