Brie Larson Being Canceled For Controversial New Video

By James Brizuela | 1 second ago

The world seems to be going through a change in terms of currency and what is considered art in this day and age. Cryptocurrency has taken over the world, and tons of people have been flocking to the digital way of trading in the supposed wave of the future of digital money. NFTs are also the biggest draw and seem to be the placeholders for online art or at least the receipt for owning a piece of art that exists in a digital world. It’s all a bit complicated. Now Brie Larson has taken to her Instagram to show off her life in the Metaverse and the NFT game that she is a part of. You can see the video below:

The Metaverse has also exploded onto the scene as the virtual world that celebrities have bought houses and land in, leaving the public to want to also follow suit by buying virtual property. The whole NFT and Metaverse deal is highly controversial. So much so, that fans of Brie Larson are upset in her buying into all the digital hype. Fans have been flocking to Twitter to show their displeasure.

We love a good layered joke. Blending the Brie Larson disappointment with the potential disappointment of the Star Wars prequel works well here. We also can’t follow this path.

We are not sure about the correlation between Star Wars and hating NFTs. Also not sure what it has to do with the Metaverse, but Snoke is awful. What Brie Larson is doing might be a huge disappointment, but Snoke is so much worse.

To be honest, the video that Brie Larson posted looks like a completely digital mess. Her Metaverse world might be a place that no one wants to visit. It is certainly the nightmare fuel for the above Twitter user.

Not entirely sure how anyone would get paid that much money, but Brie Larson might want to make sure her bank account is fine. How does one bounce back from that many zeros damaging their reputation? Maybe sell your digital land and donate the proceeds to Ukraine? Could be an idea.

Brie Larson was in a great place when she had decided to bring her YouTube channel back. Now it seems as if she is being called a corporate shill by this Twitter user. How mighty have fallen.

Brie Larson might be buying into a world that her fans just can’t ger behind. The Metaverse is certainly an odd thing to want to even invest in. However, with technology reaching the point where virtual reality can and will happen, maybe now is the time to invest before things get even more expensive. Who knows what the future holds, but for right now, Larson might think about winning her fans back over with captain marvel 2 or returning to her role in any MCU project sooner rather than later.

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