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Young Rommel Quemenales has been living on the streets since his parent’s divorce – and adopted a stray dog ​​to keep him company as he strives to make enough money to attend school again

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Abandoned young boy sings lullaby to homeless dog

A woman has been left heartbroken after spotting a homeless boy singing a lullaby to a stray dog.

Maria Kubs was walking around Quezon, in the Philippines, when she came across 11-year-old Rommel Quemenales, who has been living on the streets since his parent’s divorce.

His dad left him at an early age and his mum showed little interest in her children.

Instead of sleeping in a warm bed, poor Rommel has to nap outside on the dirty floor alongside the capital city’s unwanted dogs.

He told Maria his “dream” wasn’t to return home, but to go back to school to continue his studies and find his lost little brother.

After sharing the video online, Rommel’s song was heard by 614,000 people, who have shared their well wishes with the young boy.

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Rommel wants to go back to school


Maria Kabs)

He sleeps on the streets with Badgi


Maria Kabs)

She told The Mirror: “I felt sympathy and I sensed his endearment towards the dog. I burst into tears upon seeing them. I’m a dog lover so I can relate.”Posting to Facebook, Maria wrote: “I thought that it would be best to talk to the boy behind the touching picture I posted.

“His parents separated when he was young. He has an elder sister whom he visits in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, whenever he has money.

“Rommel expressed his intentions to get back to school because he only finished grade two.

“His dog is named Badgi. He found Badgi a month ago in the streets. He adopted him so he would have a companion.”

He told Maria: “I’m begging because I want to save. I still want to study. I also want to help my brother.”

Explaining how he named his dog Badgi after his lost brother, he said: “Badgi is very smart. He was just sound asleep. I’m teaching him tricks now.”

After hearing his song, viewers rallied to support the boy in any way they could – either through donations of food, clothing or money.

One Facebook user said: “Let’s raise funds and send him to school.”

Another user added: “Let’s also make sure someone can take care of Badgi when he goes to school.”

A third user said: “I have the money to buy him food – for him and his dog. His dog might need his injections at the vet too.”

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