‘Best Ad I’ve Seen:’ Woman Gives Golden Retriever Epic Curls With Hairdryer

A woman gave her dog epic curls using a Dyson Airwrap, with the Golden Retriever compared to a character in a Disney movie.

The owner, thought to be called Linda Budzyn, regularly shares clips of her father-son pets, Tucker and Todd to TikTok account @tuckerbudzyn.

The father, Tucker, sports an impressive golden mane, and has seen his owner previously braiding his fur into an elaborate style.

But she took things one step further after a fan suggested she use the pricey hair styler on him. Narrating Tucker’s thoughts, she captioned the video: “Who keeps giving Linda ideas?! I juss wanna talks.”

Tucker the Golden Retriever. His owner decided to curl his luscious fur.

In the video Tucker sits still, like a good boy, as Budzyn uses the appliance to give him on-trend curls.

“Oh no. Don’t you dare Linda,” the text on screen says, as Budzyn first brushes then sections his fur ready for curling.

The end-result is an impressive lion-esque mane, which was a hit with viewers. The clip, shared last month, has been seen more than 67 million times.

Numerous people drew parallels with a particular scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beastas Smooshysmash wrote: “Reminds me of beasts hair style!”

Mo_mo thought: “Him is a proper gentlemen now.”

Aili joked: “Honestly the best ad I’ve seen for the Airwrap.”

Franciss reckoned: “He’s about to write the declaration of independence.”

“His new name is Maximilian Cornelius the third,” sWhite11993 commented.

Alexia asked: “Why does he look like he just got out of the Bridgerton era?”

BrickedUp3k4k added: “Bro wrote the articles of confederation.”

Other referenced classic film, The Wizard of Ozas Sandy Lynn commented: “OMG I wonder of the wizard will give him courage.”

Theycallhercook added: “It’s giving me wizard of oz cowardly lion vibes.”

And Nikkibobaggins wrote: “Giving cowardly lion in emerald city and I’m obsessed.”

A video of Linda braiding her dog’s fur, captioned “I look ridiculous,” has amassed 7 million views.

The Dyson Airwrap costs a handsome $599.99 and comes with numerous attachments for different looks.

The company website explains that it “harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. It curves air to attract and wrap hair to the barrel. Styling with air, not extreme heat.”

Dogs, including Golden Retrievers, need to be regularly groomed, although they’re not usually given a blow dry.

Website Groomers.com advises owners to brush their pet’s coat at least every two weeks “to avoid painful matting and to avoid too much shedding.”

The website added: “Your Golden Retriever’s coat will not need a full haircut, but simply just a trim. This trimming is usually done on the ears, feet, neck and tail for a Golden Retriever to keep them looking smart.”

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