Battle of the Chicken Fried Steaks

The Times Record News dining crew decided to try a sample of the quintessential country food – chicken fried steak (CFS).

We tried two local and two chain restaurants for the dish.

When judging a well-made CFS, we looked for these benchmarks:

  • Can it be cut with a fork?
  • Was the coating cooked to a nice golden brown and did it stick to the steak or fall off?
  • Were the side dishes good as well and did they pair well with the CFS?
  • Is the gravy smooth, seasoned properly and (hopefully) not made with a dry mix?

While there are certainly more country fried steaks to be had in Wichita Falls, our cholesterol levels did not allow us to try them all.

Cracker Barrel chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and white gravy, turnip greens.  Also cookies and cornbread (not shown).

Cracker Barrel

($10.49 with two sides – mashed potatoes, white gravy and turnip greens)

Cracker Barrel’s chicken-fried was on the small side among the contenders but was a solid meal through and through.

Meat was not quite fork-tender but was still easily sliced ​​with knife and fork.

Coating was crispy and gravy was not draped over every inch, so it stayed crunchy for quite a while.

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