Baby and Cat Snuggle in Heartwarming Video

A video of a baby and a cat who can’t get enough of each other is melting hearts on the internet.

Kelly De Alba, mom to both Kallie the baby and Luna the cat, shared a tender snuggling moment between the two in a video that has reached 813,000 views on TikTok. In the clip, Luna stretched across Kallie’s body while the baby stroked her fur.

“They just wanna snuggle in peace but I can’t help and capture it,” De Alba captioned the video.

Kallie appears to be so intimate with her kitty that she is imitating her “meow,” as several viewers observed.

“Did that baby meow?!” one user exclaimed.

“She’s going to learn how to meow before she can talk,” another person commented.

Other viewers said they had witnessed the same relationship develop between their own children and cats.

“Our cat was the same way with our daughter,” one viewer wrote. “[Two] years later they are inseparable now the love between them is amazing.”

De Alba demonstrated that the snuggle was not an isolated event, posting several more clips of the two best friends together.

“They would literally hang out like this all day,” she captioned a more recent video that showed Luna calmly resting on Kallie again, unruffled by the baby grabbing fistfuls of fur. “I’m telling you this baby has this cat wrapped around her finger. Luna doesn’t even mildly flinch.”

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry noted that children can benefit in several ways from growing up with pets. “Developing positive feelings about pets can contribute to a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence,” the group said on its website, and “a good relationship with a pet can also help in developing non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. “

Viewers have long been drawn to the bond between babies and cats. Here, a baby sits in a high chair petting a kitten.
Constance Bannister Corp / Contributor/Archive Photos

Some cats become “self-appointed guardians” to a baby, according to Cats Protection, a feline welfare charity in the United Kingdom. Cats have been known to raise the alarm when a baby shows signs of illness. Some have even saved the lives of abandoned babies who were at risk of hypothermia by snuggling up and warming them. The animals are also attracted to a warm crib, whether a baby is there or not.

Viewers have long been drawn to the bond between a baby and a kitty. Newsweek covered another cuddly pair in February 2021, as well as a cat that introduced her offspring to an infant in July 2021.

Newsweek reached out to De Alba for comment.

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