Australian man body-slams kangaroo and grapples it into submission after the animal attacked him

Australian man body slams KANGAROO and grapples it into submission in incredible brawl after the rogue animal chased him down and attacked him

  • Kangaroo visibly attacks a man after chasing him down and stomping on him
  • The marsupial and the brawler were caught on home video in a wild roo rumble
  • The fight ends with the man body-slamming the roo and pinning it to the ground
  • Do you know the kangaroo fighter? Contact:

This is the moment an Australian man body-slams a kangaroo that chased him down and attacked him.

Home surveillance video shows the rogue marsupial chasing down the man in Ballina, New South Wales, as he flees for safety.

The kangaroo chases down the man before tackling him to the ground as the two slugged it out in a drawn-out brawl with both fighters looking worse for wear.

Footage uploaded after the fight shows the man sprinting away from the irate eastern gray before stumbling and hitting the ground.

The marsupial then stomps on the man, who gets back on his feet desperately clutching a stick and swinging it wildly.

The ruthless marsupial stomps on the man (pictured) who gets back to his feet desperately clutching a stick and swinging it wildly in self-defence

The man’s dog barks behind him in an attempt to defend his owner as the roo turns about-heel and darts back into attack mode.

The kangaroo is able to hop through the first blow and the two square up exchanging brutal hooks and uppercuts.

Overwhelmed by the quick punches, the man clinches up with the kangaroo to avoid further blows and grabs it by the front foot, pulling it to the floor.

Luckily for the victim, he ends up able to pin down the animal, but not without catching a few blows first.

It is not known if the man was badly hurt during the attack.

Kangaroos are mostly not aggressive, but thousands of mostly undocumented attacks do occur in Australia when the animals feel threatened.

Footage uploaded to a Ballina, New South Wales, community Instagram page shows the victim and the kangaroo in a wild brawl (pictured)

Footage uploaded to a Ballina, New South Wales, community Instagram page shows the victim and the kangaroo in a wild brawl (pictured)

When do kangaroos attack?

The risk of being attacked by a kangaroo is very low. Several thousand people seek medical attention each year for injuries from domestic pets, while fewer than five people in NSW are treated for kangaroo-related injuries.

The greatest risk is in areas where people have altered kangaroos’ natural habitat and feeding patterns.

You are most at risk of an attack when:

• Their numbers, movements and group structure have changed because kangaroos’ natural predators are no longer present, or new habitat has been provided with the creation of dams, shelter and pastures

• Kangaroos have lost their instinctive fear of humans because people have fed or handled them

• A kangaroo sees a person as a sparring partner or threat to themselves, their offspring or their dominance of the group

• A kangaroo is cornered or started

• Female kangaroos are weaning their young

• A habituated kangaroo (a kangaroo who is used to people) has aggressive traits

A kangaroo will attack a person as if they were another kangaroo. It may push or grapple with its forepaws or sit back and kick out with its hind legs. As resulting injuries can be serious, avoiding conflict with kangaroos is vital.

Source: Office of Environment and Heritage



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