Australian election night feast: golden chive palms, raw prawn curry and a green rice bundt – recipe | australian food and drink

Election eating can be more than democracy sausage sizzles and cake stalls. It’s also an evening primed for a festive feast, with dishes representing the main players. We’ve come up with five courses, to be served family style.

There are Clive Palmer chive palms for cheesy nibbles to have with drinks. If you really want to gild the lily and splash some cash, you can add some gold leaf.

Move to the table for a mixed platter of griddled vegetables with green tea salt – this medley of plant-based restraint topped with ricotta and pistachios is standing in for the teal independents.

Main course is reserved for the PM, specifically Scott Morrison’s love of a Saturday night curry. This jalfrezi has enough ticker to be served as is, or if you want some additional protein, throw in some raw prawns. (Just be sure to cook them through before serving.)

Standing up to the curry is an Adam Bandt green rice bundt; a baked savory ring of spiced rice, quinoa and peas that is vegetarian friendly, earthy and delicious.

When it comes to dessert, make space on the table for Anthony Albanese’s now-famous blue-birthday cake (immortalized in this photo with his mum). This beauty is generous enough to share with a crowd, filled with rainbow sprinkles and frosted with mascarpone buttercream in a nod to his Italian heritage. As the night comes to a close and Australia decides, you might even feel inclined to light some candles, close your eyes and make a wish.

If nothing else, cooking it all up will serve as a welcome distraction.