‘Amber Turd’ Goes Viral After Johnny Depp Testifies Amber Heard Covered His Bed in Poop as Revenge

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to heat up. However, the world is turning some of the actor’s testimony into a meme about his ex-wife. Depp alleged that Heard covered his side of the bed in poop as a form of revenge for him leaving the penthouse. As a result, the term “Amber Turd” went viral on social media.

Johnny Depp recalled a major fight with Amber Heard

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The Law&Crime Network YouTube channel dug into a critical segment of the trial. Depp alleged that Heard would often intentionally “poke” at him to get a reaction from him. He recalled a time when he was reading a book while she was watching television, but the situation quickly escalated after she repeatedly “rattled off” about what a terrible person he was.

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