A Ukrainian sweet bread recipe that is timely … and timeless

My apologies to Ukraine.

I’ve wanted to do a column focusing on the foods of the Eastern European nation for weeks. Ever since Russia launched its brutal invasion in late February, I’ve been inspired by Ukraine’s spirit and its resistance. Like many Americans I am amazed by the fight they have shown against their larger and more powerful neighbor.

I have especially been inspired by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I vaguely remember reading about the election of the former actor/comedian to his nation’s highest office in 2019 after playing the Ukrainian president on a popular television show for three seasons.

I next heard his name when he got caught up in President Donald Trump’s first impeachment. Still, he was hardly a household name for most Americans.

That is, until the Russians attacked.

Since then, he has symbolized the fight of his people, refusing to leave his country when given the opportunity to do so. Now, most of us know his name.

We also know him by sight in a way that we do not recognize most foreign leaders, especially those who serve a country so far away. We’ve watched as he has swapped his clean-shaven look for a scruffy beard and his smart blue suit for the olive drab of the military.

But it isn’t just Zelenskyy who inspires us. It’s his entire nation.

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