A feather in Michigan’s cap in its recruitment of Dante Moore

Every week TMI’s Sam Webb, Steve Lorenz and Brice Marich come together for a podcast called ‘The Michigan Recruiting Insider.’ Each show offers a deep dive into Michigan football recruiting with unmatched insight and intel on the Wolverines targets and recruiting strategies. Sam, Steve, and Brice focus on all the hot topics and pressing questions regarding Michigan football recruiting.

On this week’s edition of the Michigan Recruiting Insider, discuss Michigan’s standing in the race for Detroit King five-star QB Dante Moore? Why have out-state suitors gained ground and what can the Wolverines do to stem the tide? Excerpt from a 2021 interview with Moore highlights an inherent advantage for the Maize & Blue. Attention then turns to Michigan’s pursuit of 2024 QB CJ Carr. What are UM’s odds of landing both. From there the team identifies a handful of targets UM is gaining ground with. The podcast concludes with a discussion projection of how UM commit Cole Cabana will be utilized when he arrives in Ann Arbor and his impact of the running back and receiver boards for 2023. In the excerpt below Sam explains how Michigan was able to flip Walker from Notre Dame.

In the excerpt below a clip from a 2021 interview with Dante Moore highlights one of the feathers in Michigan’s cap in his recruitment.

Sam Webb: “Now I know you’re your own ma, but they say… and you tell me if it’s true… they say your pops is a big Michigan fan. Is that true?

Dante Moore: “Yeah, it’s real true. He loves Michigan basketball, Michigan Football, Michigan everything… (even) hockey. He’ll sit down and watch hockey games and I’m like, ‘what are we watching right here?’ It’s a great thing, though. He loves Michigan. He’s a diehard Michigan fan. He has a tattoo of Michigan peeing on the Ohio State logo. (Laughter). He has the Michigan glove on his back with the exits and everything. So, he really takes it serious. He’s from Detroit, so he really takes it serious, takes it to heart. So, I’ll say he’s a… not even (just) a big (fan). He’s crazy about it.

Sam Webb: “So, when y’all go to Columbus does he cover up the tat?

Dante Moore: “Oh, I don’t even think about it. No, he won’t. He’s going to be there with me. So, he’s going to chill like he loves Ohio State too. Any college he goes to, he’s going to give an impression) like he loves that state. He ain’t big on treating no college different, though. Like I say, he’s in the process with me, but he says he’s gonna stand back and let me (sort through) my own options.”

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