777 Charlie Movie Review

Title: 777 Charlie
Cast: Rakshit Shetty
Director: Kiranraj
Rating: 3/5
Review by Bhavana Sharma

777 Charlie is all about emotions. Starring Rakshit Shetty in the lead role, and directed by Kiranraj K, this film is all about a human and dog relationship, and how special it can be. A lot of films were made on human relationships with their pets but not every such picture managed to strike the right chord. But Charlie does and will make you take home a bunch of memories especially if you are a pet parent. This film proves the saying that if you want someone to love you forever, just buy a dog, feed it and it will be around you forever.

Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) is a loner who is an introvert and doesn’t like getting social. While he has a lot of things to deal with – in his personal and professional life, and everything takes a turn when a dog (Charlie) enters his life.

Dharma is the most-negative person one will ever come across. He is a loner and passes every day in the comfort of his home and loneliness. He leads a home-work-home kind of life and it involves a lot of fights, movies, smoking, booze, and a lot more. In between all the chaos that is happening in his life, Dharma comes across a female dog and he names her Charlie.

This dog is completely in contrast to what Dharma is. She is very energetic and naughty in nature. Dharma doesn’t like Charlie initially and has no interest in keeping this labrador with him. But soon, because of various instances that take place, the friendship in between them grows and they start feeling affectionate towards each other. This transformation that happens in between them is something everyone will fall for. There are some beautiful and heart-melting scenes we all can relate to. But still, for a matter of fact, there is definitely some lag in the story and some scenes that you might find unnecessary.

This film excels in performance and undoubtedly, the four-legged creature is the heroine of the film. This labrador is just amazing and it has all the talent to make you her fans forever. Rakshit, who is even the co-producer of the film has done a great job at acting and also in producing the film. His bonding with the dog is just amazing and those moments will melt your heart. This film also has an Animal Welfare Officer and the character is played by Sangeetha Sringeri and she plays a vital role in the progression of the story.

The film begins and goes on at a brisk pace and it is filled with some laughter moments. In the second half, there are some scenes that might make you feel bored but it takes up the pace again. Cinematography and BGM elevate the film to the next level.

777 Charlie gives us a message about pet adoption and why should not abandon animals. This movie is a treat to all the audiences out there and pet lovers especially. Make sure you carry a box of tissue with you to the theater.


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