18 Movie Endings People Were Blown Away By

Can confirm — the last 10 minutes of Annihilation are unsettling, terrifying, and impossible to look away from.

Recently, Reddit user Krmsyn asked folks what movie they think has the greatest final 10 minutes. The responses immediately sent me down a black hole of movie ending scenes that I’d either seen before and forgotten how legitimately incredible they were, or had never watched but was very curious about. Here are some of the best — prepare to feel a mix of emotions in these satisfying, sad, dark, shocking, open-for-interpretation endings…

WARNING: Below you’ll find spoilers for a number of movies, the newest of which is from 2019.



Paramount Pictures

“Saw this in theaters and had a legit rush of blood that felt like a fight or flight response. The weird-ass music and the creepy uncanniness of the alien were seriously frightening. I watch a lot of horror movies, and I’ve never had a response like that.”



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Focus Features

“It holds up so well. It’s such a perfect ‘fear of love but leaping anyway’ ending. The performances are perfect, the cast is out of this world, and it’s beautiful to look at. It’s just so, so good.”



Uncut Gems


“Only time I’ve ever heard gasps, then complete silence in an audience.”


The scene is unavailable online, so here’s a quick photo breakdown of the film’s final scene (CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS). Note: Uncut Gems is streaming on Netflix.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Produzioni Europee Associate

“Everything about the standoff scene, from the cinematography, to the score, to the tension is sheer perfection.”


“Sure, there’s a lot of build-ups, lots of staredowns, and several minutes of tension, but there isn’t a long, drawn-out action scene. There’s no real shootout (one bullet is fired in the entire climax), and the bad guy is dead in a second.

But somehow not only does it work, but it’s a much more powerful “final boss” than the vast majority of movies, even outside the Western genre. I honestly can’t even explain why it works—it just does.”




New Line Cinema

“Granted it may be more like 20 minutes, but that ending still fucks me up.”


“I like Brad Pitt, but I loved him in this scene. He’s some damn fine acting. His voice goes through all those different states of emotion. Disbelief, pain, anger — then a complete breakdown.”



The Prestige

Buena Vista Pictures Cast

“Absolutely brilliant. I’ve seen it 10 times, and I still catch new details each time.”




Sony Pictures Releasing

“This movie was so ahead of its time. It’s one of those rare sci-fi gems that doesn’t need any special effects or action scenes to be great. It’s just a truly phenomenal and compelling script, alongside a dedicated cast committed to their roles.”



The Usual Suspects

Gramercy Pictures

“It had me thinking for hours after it ended. I can watch it over and over, and I still get shivers. The twist was played well throughout the whole movie, and the lead-up is very smooth.”




Warner Bros. Pictures

“That movie has you in knots ’til the last second.”



The Green Mile

Sony Pictures Classics

“I just rewatched that for the first time in decades the other night, and I was full-on snot-down-the-face ugly-crying at the end there.”



Requiem for a Dream

Craftsman Entertainment

“The whole movie builds to that wild, destructive climax. It’s what makes the movie so unwatchable for a second time. It’s terrifying knowing that there are people out there at this very moment experiencing this precise thing.”




Warner Bros. Pictures

“The entire climax from when limbo starts breaking down to the end of the movie is absolute perfection. Time is one of Hans Zimmer’s masterpieces too. Legit my favorite movie.”



Ex Machina


“I’m not going to spoil it, but fuck was it good.”


“I recently watched it for the second time. It’s such a simple movie, just four actors, all shot inside one house. It’s slow paced, but the story is still so gripping, and the ending is so obvious yet so unexpected at the same time. It leaves things completely open for the audience to think about what happens after it ends.”



black swan

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“Just the intercalation between shots of what’s happening in real life versus what she is seeing in her head. And the crowd clapping even after the credits begin. Art, man.”



Sony Pictures Classics

“I rewatch the last 10 minutes of whiplash fairly often. Not only is the movie great, but I think the final 10 minutes count as one of the best short films I’ve ever seen.”



The Lion King


“The scene where it’s raining and Simba is walking up Pride Rock still gives me goosebumps. Also, it’s Hans Zimmer’s best work in my opinion.”



And finally, Final Destination 5

Warner Bros. Pictures

“The twist at the end gets me no matter how many times I see it. It essentially ends where the story originally began, and seeing the main characters die like that is very depressing.”


“It was just so well done, and there are such subtle hints throughout the movie that you won’t catch them unless you know the twist. The guy with his beeper, nobody using cellphones — I didn’t pick up on this stuff my first time watching it. But those last 10 minutes with the plane was just a holy fuck moment as everything clicks. God, I love those movies so much.”


What movies left you impressed with their last 10 minutes? Tell us in the comments below!

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