14 Chicken Coop Accessories From Amazon


When it comes to creating a safe haven for your chickens, it can feel the list of supplies can be never-ending. From creating the perfect DIY chicken coop (or ordering one online!) to making sure you got all the perfect toys for your roost, you can end up shopping at a lot of places. To help you avoid a multi-store shopping haul for your hen house, you can actually do it all in one, thanks to these must-have chicken coop accessories from Amazon.

If you’re unsure where you should begin when creating the perfect home for your flock, don’t be! Our Country Living panel of chicken experts recommends these six key elements are needed for a safe and happy henhouse: a nesting box, box bedding, roosting bar, dropping board, hanging feeder and waterer, and an enclosed run. While not necessary, we also suggest adding one or two things for them to play within the coop. A lack of stimulation can often lead to physical and behavioral issues for these birds, such as bullying, obesity, and feather pulling.

Ahead, shop our 14 favorite chicken coop accessories from Amazon. And if you need more help with your backyard birds, we’ve also got plenty of tips and ideas for raising chickens from our favorite chicken experts and authors with our handy raising chickens 101 guide.

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You can never have enough for your chickens when it comes to entertainment. This adorable wooden swing is held up by two colorful rattan ball chains that’ll keep them occupied for hours.

With an almost perfect rating on Amazon and over 800 glowing reviews, this organic one pound pack of nesting herbs is the aroma your coop is missing. Star notes in the blend include chamomile, lavender, peppermint, and much more.

Keep your root warm and toasty with this mountable heater when temperatures take a dip. Plus, at 200 watts, it uses less energy, so don’t fret about it running up your electric bill.


Automatic Chicken Coop Door

On those days you want to sleep in or can’t get back home in time to put the chickens up, this automatic chicken coop door with a timer feature will be a lifesaver.


2 Pieces Chicken Mirror Toys

Chickens can get lonely too! This mirror and bell toy will give them a familiar face to look at as they play a jingle or two.


Automatic Chicken Water Cup

To help make sure everyone stays hydrated year-round, opt for this six-pack of automatic water feeders. Drill all six (or how many you please) into the water container of your choice for a quick, easy DIY hydration station.

Looking to up your chicken’s snack game? These nylon nets are durable to hold all of their favorite fruits and vegetables and can be securely hung from anywhere in the coop.

No matter how big or small your coop is, space matters when it comes to your roost. Free up their humble abode with this mountable nesting box that is sold in a pack of four and can fit the largest of hens.

It’s no secret chickens love to chew on everything and anything. This colorful loofah toy is made from safe, biodegradable materials so that they can peck all day long with no worries in sight.


Chick Feeder and Waterer Combo

Opt for a chicken feeder like this one to ensure all the little ones get the nutrients they need. It can feed up to 15 chicks and is ideal for those first three weeks when normal feeders can feel a bit big to them.


87″ x 41″ Large Metal Chicken Coop

A freestanding pen will give your animals a little more wiggle room to run about and get rid of some extra energy. This style can fit five to six hens comfortably and comes with a waterproof roof for those unexpected rainy days.

Keep your coop extra cozy and clean with this 10-count of nesting pad. It’ll help prevent eggs from breaking, keep the area clean by absorbing droppings and odors, and are easily changeable.

Let your smaller chicks feel they rule the roost with this wooden stand. Reviewers love how easy to assemble it is and how quickly their animals took to loving it!


Hanging Poultry Feeder

When they get a bit bigger in a size it’s important to get them a feeder that reflects that. This option can hold up to 15 lbs. of food, but there is also a 30 lb. size for larger coops.

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