10 Things You Do That Scare Your Cat

Cats are sensitive creatures and can get scared quite easily as they are prey animals and instinctively feel like they could be hunted. They can easily become frightened by things that we probably don’t even think of or realize. Here are some things that you might be doing that are scaring your cat without you realizing it.

Things You Do That Scare Your Cat

Source: AnimalWised/Youtube

1. Loud Noises

Cats are very sensitive to loud noises and even hear them more clearly than we do. This makes any loud noise almost unbearable for your cat as it disturbs them. This could include slamming doors or cabinets or stomping around in the house. Other more accidental noises like dropping things can also scare them. It is important to be mindful of this and try to keep things to a reasonable volume so as not to disturb your sensitive feline friend.

2.Quick Moves

Fast movements are also something that can commonly cause your cat fear and distress. This could include things like running into a room, jumping out of a chair, or running out of the house. Any kind of fast movement is going to startle your cat and leave them uneasy feeling.

3.Spraying Water

Cats have a fear of being in or being sprayed by water. This is something that should not be taken advantage of as some people might consider doing. Running water, showers, baths, and faucets can all save cats, especially if they are being sprayed at or made to be wet.

Source: Cole and Marmalade/Youtube

4. Strong Smells

Surprisingly strong smells can be very upsetting to cats as they have very powerful noses. These smells can be almost unbearable for a cat and even cause them to feel fear. This includes scents that are minty or citrus specifically, however, any kind of strong scent could easily upset your cat.

5. Restraining Them

Though you may love to cuddle with your cat and spend time with them, this should never turn into any kind of restraint. Cats can become extremely fearful if they feel that they are trapped and cannot get away. Tightly holding onto them can give them this feeling and result in them instinctively trying to flee. It can also hurt them as cats are delicately built with small bones that could easily be broken.

It is never a good idea to hold your cat against their will.

6. Too Much Attention

Too much attention can be overwhelming to your cat and make them feel like they are being suffocated. It can even create a fear response when you are nearby as they often want alone time. This can be overwhelming for your cat and cause distrust, resulting in them feeling constantly tense and anxious.


Meeting strangers is another fear trigger for most cats that their human owners may not even notice. Cats are generally reclusive and can be fearful and suspicious of people that they do not recognize. This is especially true if the visitors are disregarding your cat’s boundaries and personal space.

Source: AnimalWised/Youtube

8. Leaving Them Alone

Despite popular belief, leaving your cat alone can also leave them feeling scared and stressed out. Even being left alone for just a day can be scary and leave them feeling like they have been abandoned. This can plant the seed of distrust in your cat.

9. Chasing Them

Though dogs may love a good chase, most cats do not enjoy this kind of game. Some younger cats might like it, but in general, being chased isn’t fun for a cat. Their instincts kick in, and they could become terrified as they feel like they are being hunted. Cats are much smaller than us and find this kind of game a bit too intense at times.

10. Appliances and Technology

Certain kinds of appliances or other forms of technology can also be very scary to cats if they make noises. This could include vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, alarm clocks, and anything that makes a loud or sudden sound. This is very unpleasant for cats and might even scare them enough to make them avoid certain areas of the house.

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